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McPeek's Dodge of Anaheim has been in business in Orange County for 54 years serving the automotive needs of Southern California. For the last 12 years McPeek's Dodge has been heavily involved in also serving the needs of the law enforcement and fire & rescue community, not only in Southern CA but for the entire West Coast. Specializing in the specific needs and various requirements utilized by the most demanding police and fire agencies and providing a turnkey product unique to this industry. McPeek's Dodge of Anaheim goes the extra mile to insure complete customer satisfaction with the formidable lineup of Dodge Law Enforcement vehicles.

The purpose-built team of Dodge Charger Pursuit, Ram Special Service and Dodge Durango Special Service offer proven capabilities. Designed to protect those who protect us each vehicle features comprehensive safety and advanced multistage air bags. Dodge Charger Pursuit provides law enforcement officers with tactical advantages, while keeping them safe. Available in AWD as well as rear-wheel-driving engineering, choice of two outstanding power plants, stealthy mode capability and high strength steel unibody construction, this is one vehicle that serves with distinction.

Beefed up with specialized equipment and severe-duty component, Ram 1500 Special Service and Dodge Durango Special Service vehicles are ideal for police, fire, rescue and security work. Couple that with the strength and experience of a trusted partner, McPeek's Dodge of Anaheim, you can't go wrong.

For more information, please call Kevin Buzzard (714) 254 -2613 or email Kevin.Buzzard@mcpeekdodge.com".

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Mc Peek's Dodge of Anaheim

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